by Owling

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I wrote and recorded a song every day while on vacation in Missouri. These are those.

Recorded August 9th through August 13th, 2016

Originally released briefly August 13th, 2016
Made public again December 22nd, 2016


released August 13, 2016

Robby - Everything



all rights reserved


Owling Illinois

Owling is the solo recording project of Robby Biegalski. Owling songs are typically written and recorded within a very short time with no prior planning. The results are on display here.

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Track Name: Good
Good evening, delighted you're here
In the morning I'll feel more secure
But secure like everything else
Is only compared to how I've felt

Good noon-time sun in the sky
At a slight angle to the right
It's not what's right everywhere else
I can't be what I can't see myself
Track Name: Hangnail
I'm a hangnail
Danglin' from your thumb
When you pluck me off
I'll feel so numb
I just like it
When we're attached
When we're separate
I can't feel you react

Don't clip me
Don't cut me off
I can't help it
My hangin' on

Don't change me
I'm not the same
But neither are you
So who's to blame

I'm the smallest piece
Of your biggest nail
No matter what I do
I'll be destined to fail
Track Name: Moments
I don't have big dreams
I can't even fall asleep
When I should be so tired
Of all I have ever required

So happens
That for me
Making moments
Is more important
Than memories
Track Name: Ok
What should I say
To myself today
To make it feel the same?
What should I do
To make it up to you?
It's up to you

I can't think straight
I can't drink this
I can't take away
What I am or what I say
Track Name: Mess
What's the word for
What hurts more
Being alone?
Or feeling alone?

Of course I know the word
But ignorance to all I've heard
Would be bliss
And better than this

I wanna forget
Every language
Every means to communicate
But that can wait

For now I have to try
To spell out why I cry
This seems best
To deal with this mess