Miss Again

by Owling

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I wrote & recorded a song every day in a loft & a laundry room while on a trip to Michigan


released June 11, 2017

Robby Biegalski - Small guitar, Small voice, Big laptop, Washing machine
Conor McKenzie - 3 words
Walt Whitman - 4 words



all rights reserved


Owling Illinois

Owling is the solo recording project of Robby Biegalski. Owling songs are typically written and recorded within a very short time with no prior planning. The results are on display here.

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Track Name: Miss Again
I looked away
From the 1st place
I lost it then
A miss again

I won1st place
In the race to cover my face
The mirror image replaced
My features were erased
I crossed my eyes
To see if I could spy
A change in its size
Inside of its own lines

I lost my place
In my own face
I could not retain
A miss again
Track Name: Breakfast
Wait up for the smell of
My past fires
To spill out from spiralled fibers

To blow in
Through the windows i left open
In my attempt to feel the morning
The knobs had fallen off
Of the doors I thought were locked

Hurry breakfast is almost ready
Please get out of bed already
We don't have much time to waste
& we're already running late

Wake up to the smell of burning eggs
But I think that they can wait
Burnt eggs aren't the worst to taste
Track Name: ^
I got it wrong on purpose
I wanted to see if I could miss
The point so I could make
A new one in its place
To push the part along
& expand a dialogue

I missed it hard in practice
Hammered it home but behind the foul line
So it wouldn't count for nothing
So you said but a strike is something
I love to make mistakes
Just to see what path they'll take
I love to be so wrong
Because it won't be for that long

I missed the point & then some
But it's not the end of the world's sun
Track Name: Time?
I have no concept of time
But that won't stop me from trying to find
How to stop it in its tracks
Before it starts to make me blind

To think of time would be to say
The end is realer than today

So what else is there to do
But resolve to forget whatever I have to lose
Figure out how to slow some of this
& kick up some dust before I'm covered in it?

To think of time would be to say
The end is realer than today
Track Name: Worthy
Hold on to whatever you know
Won't or can't let go
Fold your arms over themselves
To filter out what you can't yourself

Please take pity upon me
I can't make a worthy enemy
Please take pity upon me
I can't make a worthy friend

Hold on to what won't leave your side
Until it has to because of the time
Fold your sleeves pack up to go
With a suitcase full of whatever you know

Please take pity upon me
I can't make a worthy enemy
Please take pity upon me
I can't make a worthy friend
Track Name: Lease
I won't leave but to come back to
I'm always on my way to you
So tired I cried
All the yawning hurt my weak eyes
Woke up from the dream
& you were still right here with me
Spirit mind & body
Hoping for a better hobby
My face mimicetised in you
A pool belonging to you, two
A lifelong lease that states you may
Carry them for the rest of your day
The light from sun & stars & moon
Bouncing around until it meets you
I'm considering stealing a couple words to make
A beautiful sentence to summarize
What's been bouncing around all this time
Track Name: Garden
Wondering how these flowers
Grow without water
Without wilting in summer
A hole in the altar
Let's the sun in
But that's it

Wonder how this garden
Moves untended
& unmanaged
It hardly rains here
The dirt's not fertile
How's this possible?